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  1. WildlifeSAIL is a Science Adventure Volunteer Group That Conducts Conservation Education and Awareness Projects.
  2. WildlifeSAIL seeks out the enthusiastic support of volunteers, to succeed at its meticulously organized projects. Volunteers may be sailors, engineers, programmers, scientists, educators, lawyers, and businessmen and businesswomen who share an enthusiasm for wildlife and wild habitat conservation.
  3. The WildlifeSAIL-project is organized and managed by JF (John-Frederick) Thye and Flo (Florian) Wilken.
  4. JF Thye, of New York City, is Founder and General Director of the WildlifeSAIL project.
  5. Florian Wilken, of Berlin, Germany, is Founder and Technical Director of the WildlifeSAIL project.

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