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Daniel Michahelles, 1st Mate of the WildlifeSAIL project

Email: d_a_n_ i _e_l_m_ i _c_h_a_h_e_l_l_e_s_@_w_i_l_d_l_i_f_e_s_a_i_l_._o_r_g
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Team sports have always been a major part of Daniel's life. Growing up in Germany he starting tennis at age seven and soon also played the popular sport of field hockey. During a student exchange in the USA he discovered lacrosse, which he brought back to Hamburg to found the Hamburger Lacrosse Club. Sailing had never been on Daniel's radar, but he didn't mind giving it a shot when his old friend and host brother from New York City, John Frederick Thye, needed an extra hand sailing WILDLIFE across the Atlantic in November 2003.

Sailing posted a new challenge and unique experience that fascinated Daniel. After returning home for 4 months he rejoined the yacht for the remainder of the WildlifeSAIL project. Daniel has proven that he can handle strong seas and a demanding watch schedule, exercising tasks and duties required to maintain the boat in all weather conditions.

Daniel worked in marketing and advertising at Otto Versand Hamburg and Scholtz and Friends for 4 years after high school. He then went on to University and graduated from the London College of Printing (LCP, subsidiary of the London Institute) with a BA in Marketing and Advertising.

Daniel's work on ad-campaigns and in marketing taught him how to handle multiple demands simultaneously. This prepared him well for the intimate life at sea alongside a crew with a wide range of personalities. His motto is: "On a yacht there are only solutions, no problems." Aboard WILDLIFE Daniel also acts as social chair and liaison for project relations, promotion, and affairs.

Daniel's work is integral in maintaining the WildlifeSAIL homepage. His daily diary backs up the yacht's logbook entries and ensures the continuous documentation of the vast list of to-does and have-dones aboard.

Daniel speaks German and English fluently, and has advanced Spanish skills.

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