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Kate Hagerman-Thye

Email: k_a_t_e_h_a_g_e_r_m_a_n_-_t_h_y_e_@_w_i_l_d_l_i_f_e_s_a_i_l_._o_r_g
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Kate discovered the joys of sailing with her father, David Hagerman, on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Throughout her childhood she continued to crew for him in small and big lake regattas, including Lake Michigan. Kate attended five years of sail camp at the VISA yacht club (Virginia Inland Sailing Association).

Little did she know how powerful her own words were when at age 7, after her first laser regatta, she told her father that some day she would sail around the world.

Kate Hagerman Thye is a sociologist, writer, yoga teacher and chef. After graduating from the Florida State University in 1999 she worked under Secretary Donna Shalala on the Health Care Financing Administration's Long Term Care Reform Campaign. Kate conducted research and contributed a chapter to the Federal Staffing Standard For Nursing Homes, a report to congress. Kate left Capitol Hill at age 22 and in 2001 founded Quan Yin Yoga Center in Garrison on the Hudson, New York.

Kate and JF met in September 2002 at the Leica gallery in New York City. She soon joined the WILDLIFE yacht on field excursions, and became a permanent project member in November 2002. Since then WildlifeSAIL has benefited from Kate's creative and health conscious culinary skills, as well as her insightful work in editing and project publications.

Kate and JF were married June 18, 2005.

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