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WILDLIFE Returns Home

Date: 2006-02-01

WildlifeSAIL NEWS LETTER 29 January, 2006

1. Retrace the journey on our VIRTUAL CHART
2. NEW Photo Galleries from Australia and the United States
3. The Work Goes On!


1. See for our newly formated LOGS and web
CHARTS, with which you can browse through our completed 30,000 mile


2. Visit Gallery for updated photos from
Australia, the U.S., and our return home into New York Harbor.


3. The Work Goes On!
Thank you to our Families, Friends, Sponsors and Donors who supported
the WildlifeSAIL mission, which crowned a great start to the new

In the Summer of 2005 we sailed into New York City, and later into
Westport, Massachusetts, where 17 years ago I sat on a rock by the
sea, aching to sail beyond the horizon on a catamaran.

Even though WILDLIFE is currently out of the water for the winter, my
work goes on. We have cataloged 10,000 photographs and over 60 hours
of film. I will continue to use this material for presentations,
short films and articles about the scientists and conservationists we
worked with, as well as to recount our successes and blunders in
remote parts of the globe.

WildlifeSAIL's media material serves as proof for how fast our world
is changing and why a new era has dawned. In the Atlantic we met
native fisherman who are investing their hard earned profits in
marine sanctuaries, because the seafood on which they depended their
whole life is vanishing. In the Pacific we witnessed massive coral
bleaching due to record ocean temperature increases, and we learned
why fish far out at sea depend on the health of these reefs.

For more information or questions you may have, please email me at

Fair winds and a star before your mast!

-JF Thye

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