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Volunteers are the core of the WildlifeSAIL project. Without you WildlifeSAIL would never become a reality! Thank you!

Volunteer Name


Meredith Abreu of New York City. Big thanks to Meredith for assisting WildlifeSAIL in their critical initial stage of project development. Meredith, the Vice President of Business Development at Nutricise.com, lent her critical eye in preparing the WildlifeSAIL PROJECT INFORMATION PACKAGES. M., they look great!
Cornelius Boerner of Berlin Germany. Cornelius, your talent for three dimensional graphic design has anchored the WildlifeSAIL website into the new millennium. Thanks for giving us "our good looks," we look forward to enjoying your creativity into the future!
Charles Robson of New York City. Charles, your past involvement and ideas have continuously challenged us to move the WildlifeSAIL project forward. We look forward to many adventures together in the future.

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