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Scientists from international conservation organizations play a key role in the WildlifeSAIL project. WildlifeSAIL's intent is to arrange for scientists to sail on WILDLIFE on various legs and during the boat's visit to field projects. Professional marine and other conservation scientists are the project's major resource in gaining an understanding of the current status of the environment and sharing the exciting work of conservation with the larger audience.

Journalists and Photographers:
WildlifeSAIL is an opportunity to create a melting pot of professional, as well as amateur, journalists, photographers and scientists in the field. Journalists and photographers are WildlifeSAIL's major resource to document the journey and develop live content for the Internet site. WildlifeSAIL aims to produce stories about WCS and local conservation scientists and their field projects, by documenting their work and conducting interviews. Other sources of interest to paint a complete picture of the conservation effort are local officials, fisherman, and local conservation history.

Local and international teachers sailing on WILDLIFE assist the field team in generating valuable educational materials for Internet content and local classroom presentations and workshops.

Special Visitors:
WildlifeSAIL will welcome special guests aboard WILDLIFE throughout the voyage. Visitors may include famous published scientists, political officials, and sponsors.

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