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Latitude and Longitude

This lesson introduces students to latitude and longitude. Students will look at lines of latitude and longitude on the world map and discuss the reasons why these lines ara helpful.

The WildlifeSAIL Team recommends teachers to use the National Geographic Xpeditions Lesson Plan for latitude and longitude, Grade Level k-2 to 12.

Upon review of this lesson plan please use WildlifeSAIL`s Voyage page to apply student`s skills:
  1. Each student receives a photo copy of a world map.
  2. On the world map students plot the Wildlife Catamaran`s geographic position from latitude and longitude data listed in "Voyage Logs".
  3. Compare the position ploted by students to the actual position shown in the "Interactive Chart".
  4. Each plotted position on the "Interactive Chart" has accompanying "Log Reports" which detail date, weather and boat activity. Once students have plotted the position of the boat correctly, discuss the content of the Log Report for a particular date or position.

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