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Website Updates:
The website offers regular updates on the field team's activity.

Interactive chart:
Students and teachers follow the WildlifeSAIL journey via an interactive chart that permits general and detailed views of the boat's location and weather conditions. Students plot WILDLIFE's position and identify regional geographic and national characteristics.

Q&A Sessions:
It is WildlifeSAIL's intent to have professional scientist support staff available to assist the WILDLIFE field team with question & answer sessions, where the audience can post questions to the field team via email or the on-line message board. The Internet site permits active question and answer sessions between school children, scientists (on the boat and all around the world) and the sailors.

Classroom Material:
Students observe, record, and graph data produced and published by conservation field scientists, such as animal feeding cycles, reef ecology, water temperature, water chemical characteristics like salinity and pH levels, water turbidity, phytoplankton (chlorophyll) levels, types of animals and ecologies encountered, types and quantity of trash and pollution encountered by the WILDLIFE team, etc.

Other classroom educational projects can be designed with content.

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