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"If you never believed in God, then look at the shell on a live turtle, or the sea shell on a beach. Look at the detail of the shell design. It's beauty will make you believe…(Brother King, Founder of the OldHegg Turtle Sanctuary, February 2003)"

Contact Brother King with any questions you may have.

Flo, Kate, and JF visited the OldHegg Turtle Sanctuary on the Island of Bequia because of its unique founder, Brother King, and his Sanctuary's ambitious goals.

The OldHegg Sanctuary is on Bequia's windward side, where shelter for our Wildlife catamaran is hard to find. Therefore we anchored in Admiral's Bay alongside other beautiful yachts. From here we had a stunning view across the Caribbean Sea and our boat was protected from the wind and waves.
Can you find our Wildlife catamaran in the picture on the left? A hint: She the only boat that has 2 hulls.

…still having trouble?… she is the yacht at the bottom of the picture
A woman grilling food on the roadside. Her pretty bar and restaurant in the background is typical to Bequian's love for color and design.
A young Bequian girl has overcome her shyness of having her picture taken. She finally gave us a big smile when Kate told her how pretty she was.

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