To create awareness, WildlifeSAIL feels that, among the larger audience who the project will reach, teachers and students are a major target. Exposing students to conservation issues at an early age can create a personal awareness that will last a lifetime.

WildlifeSAIL offers a live experience for children and teachers to learn about their world, environment, and the whos/whats/hows of wildlife conservation through the action strategies described below.

Learning Modules:

  1. Satellite Tagging Elephant Seals on Peninsual Valdez
  2. WildlifeSAIL visits Argentinean Patagonia. This WCS and Fundacion Patagonia Natural (FPN) discusses Natural resources and Biodiversity on the Patagonian Coast. Included are interactive maps with theoretical approaches, activities and proposals for CLASSROOM work that focus on the wild Patagonia Habitat.
  3. Explore and dive with us the fantastic Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos on the Continental Shelf of Brazil
  4. Learn to navigate the continents and the oceans using our Latitude and Longitude Module
  5. Visit our special report on the OldHegg Turtle Sanctuary on the Island of Bequia, Grenadines.

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