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Energy resources
WILDLIFE's main source of electricity are her six 110 watt (total of 660 watt) solar panels. This environmentally friendly production of power will allow the boat to sustain herself on a daily basis without the diesel powered generators and alternators commonly used on most yachts.

Accessibility to shallow waters:
WILDLIFE only draws 3 feet of depth, allowing her to operate in shallow water.

Since WILDLIFE is a catamaran she is not limited by hull-speed as monohull boats her size are. This allows her to sail up to two and a half times faster than a monohull and hence cover more ground.

Space for home and office:
Because WILDLIFE's living quarters comprise of two 47 foot hulls that are connected by a 25 foot fly bridge, she offers a stable spacious living and working platform that a monohull her size could not. Her width also stabilizes her motion at sea, creating a safer environment for research and operations.

Clean coexistence with nature:
Since WILDLIFE is a sailing vessel designed to function in tandem with the forces of nature, she embodies a clean image of human coexistence with the marine environment.

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