WildlifeSAIL - Log No: 85

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Date: 2005-07-23
Time: 1630
Location: Westport, MA, USA
Latitude: 41.3096 N
Longitude: 71.0545 W
COG(true course over ground): 0
Ship's Log(distance sailed, nm): 29,000
Sail Status: stowed
Weather State: blue sky w/ scattered clouds
Wind Speed(knots): 9
Sea State(Beaufort): 2
Barometric Pressure(millibar): 1011
Water Temperature(C): 27
Air Temperature(C): 30

Text Author: John-Frederick Thye

Home sweet home, where in 1990 I sat on a rock dreaming about sailing a catamaran across the world's seas.

Thank you to my Wife, my Family, my Team and enduring Supporters!

After having dedicated myself to fulfilling this project for 7 years, I am too overwhelmed to write. The logs and news letters on this web site written by my team members and me tell the WildlifeSAIL journey as we lived it at sea and on distant shores.

I am returning a different man, I know that.


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