WildlifeSAIL - Log No: 31

Date: 2003-02-23
Time: 2100
Location: Tobago Keys
Latitude: 12.3810 N
Longitude: 61.2169 W
COG(true course over ground): anchored
Ship's Log(distance sailed, nm): 7797,97
Sail Status: stowed
Weather State: no data
Wind Speed(knots): no data
Sea State(Beaufort): no data
Barometric Pressure(millibar): no data
Water Temperature(C): no data
Air Temperature(C): no data

Text Author: John-Frederick Thye

Just a quick log to mention that our interview with Brother King, the Turtleman from Bequia, was a great success. We shot some wonderful video of his Hawksbill Sea Turtle Sanctuary, and explored his work through photo documentary and interviews with Brother King, his staff, and some of his fans and critics. We will soon release this information in a separate News Flash and report.

Today we sailed down to the Tobago Keys, a place that is regarded by many Caribbean Island fans as being one the most beautiful and pristine habitats left in the Caribbean Sea. We are in awe of the vibrant turquoise and green watercolors and diversity of marine wildlife. Flo saw a Spotted Eagle Ray on his first dive today!


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