WildlifeSAIL - Log No: 22

Date: 2002-12-24
Time: 12:00
Location: Pont du Bout, Martinique
Latitude: 14.3335 N
Longitude: 61.0328 W
COG(true course over ground): anchored
Ship's Log(distance sailed, nm): 6703,50
Sail Status: stowed
Weather State: slightly cloudy
Wind Speed(knots): 11
Sea State(Beaufort): 1
Barometric Pressure(millibar):
Water Temperature(C): 27
Air Temperature(C): 31

Text Author: Florian Wilken

The WildlifeSAIL Team wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

By now we are 9 people on board of Wildlife. Helge left a few days ago. Ursula (Florian's mother), Pamela (JF's mother), Kate (JF's girlfriend) and Caroline, a friend of the Thye's from New York have joined the Wildlife Crew and will spend about two weeks with us on and around Martinique.


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